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Dr. Mennin has a limited private practice in midtown Manhattan where he specializes in helping individuals with anxiety, stress, and related problems (relationship difficulties, work loss, depression.)
Dr. Mennin can be contacted for a consultation at 646-722-7079.

Dr. Mennin has provided numerous trainings and consultations on anxiety disorders to groups in hospital-, private practice- and university-based settings. Most recently, Dr. Mennin, along with his collaborator, Dr. David Fresco, has been providing trainings of various lengths on a new, integrative, approach to treating chronic anxiety and recurring depression called Emotion Regulation Therapy (ERT). ERT has received encouraging preliminary support. For more information on this approach, see: www.emotionregulationtherapy.com.

Dr. Mennin speaks regularly about both basic understanding and contemporary treatment approaches to anxiety and mood disorders. He has been invited to numerous settings in various national and international settings to discuss his research and approach to treating these conditions.