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Audio & Video Media

Not Broken Radio Saskatchewan, Episode 9: Panic Disorder, Uploaded 4/23/16 (listen here)

Rubin Museum, Brainwave, Emotion Series: Depression, Aired 03/18/2016 (watch)

NBC News, New York, Aired 03/27/2013. (watch)

National Public Radio, Lenonard Lopate Show, Aired 3/23/2012. (listen)

National Public Radio, Where we Live (with John Dankosky), Aired 12/12/2008. (listen)

National Public Radio, Where we Live (with John Dankosky), Aired 12/30/2009. (listen)

Discovery Mental Health Awareness Week-Facebook Q&A - for ADAA, May 2, 2010.

MonkeySee GAD fact videos for ADAA, Recording took place April 30, 2010. (watch)

Print & Online Media

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